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Over the past number of years the demand for tilt panel and commercial building construction in the Fremantle and surrounding areas has been increasing.  John Henderson of Fremantle Builders, has been at the forefront of providing services to the commercial building sector and has completed a growing list of landmark tilt-up concrete panel and commercial building projects to include warehouses, factories, offices, showrooms, sheds, and retail construction projects. 

Fremantle Builders registered builder will meet you on site free of charge to evaluate your project requirements and advise on the most cost efficient strategy to maximise the potential value of your project.  

Our process and low overheads allows for project delivery in the fastest possible timeframe at the best price, without delays or budget blowouts.

From conceptual design, planning phases through to council approvals, building construction and final handover, Fremantle Builders ensure your project is completed on time and on budget exceeding your quality expectations.

Tilt-Up Panel Construction

The basic principle behind tilt-up construction is constructing walls horizontally on the ground and then lifting them into place.  

Site cast (Tilt-up) and Precast construction allows for building a wide range of commercial buildings.  Tilt-up concrete construction can have superior benefits over traditional methods of masonry construction.  Tilt-up panel projects offer clients the ability to build projects faster with more cost efficiencies delivering low maintenance, greater fire resistances properties, design flexibility including safety efficiencies, quality, strength, durability and functionality making buildings easily repaired or extended  

Dependant on availability of site space your panel construction options include precast or sitecast options.  With Sitecast concrete construction, the building’s wall panels are poured directly at the job site then lifted into position with cranes and assembled.  Precast concrete walls are poured at another facility then delivered to site and installed in the same capacity as site cast panels. 

Commercal construction

Tilt Panel High Bay double story Office Warehouse

Barrington Street Bibra Lake 

Commercal construction

Timber Stone and Iron Construction Sales Office
Campersic Road Brigadoon

Commercal construction

Brick and Iron Construction Office Warehouse

Cocos drive Bibra lake 

Commercal construction

Tilt Panel High Bay with Office and Warehouse

President Street Welshpool

Commercal construction

Brick and Tile Construction Brigadoon Fire Station 
Cathedral Avenue Brigadoon

Commercal construction

Tilt Panel High Bay  Office Warehouse

Cocos Drive Bibra Lake 

Commercal construction

Tilt  Panel Offices and Warehouse to rear
Emplacement Crescent Hamilton Hill

Commercal construction

Brick and Iron Double story Shopping Arcade

Napoleon Close Cottesloe 

Commercal Restoration

Restoration and Renovation
South Terrace, South Fremantle